An Instagram follower asks, “In this country the late/end of life system is designed to bankrupt you and your family while providing dismal care. If someone is living on a limited income but would like to live in a country that provides affordable elder care with dignity, where can they go?”

by Jen Barnett

Duke created a study on end-of-life care and published an article called “Where is the Best Place to Die?” Cheery! Their results ranked the U.S. 43rd of the 81 countries considered, based on criteria they created alongside 1200 caregivers and 181 palliative care experts.

best countries for end of life

Below are the top ten countries, and you can see the rest at the link or in the graphic above. Click a country to see our guide.

  1. UK
  2. Ireland
  3. Taiwan
  4. Australia
  5. South Korea
  6. Costa Rica
  7. North Macedonia (guide coming soon)
  8. Panama
  9. Hong Kong (guide coming soon)
  10. Lithuania

However, the question asks about places where Americans with limited income can move, and most of the top 10 would be impossible. So here are the top 10 countries for end of life care where you can get a retirement visa or other resident permit, along with the amount of verifiable annual income you need, usually through pension, retirement funds, or social security.

  1. Ireland: $50,000
  2. Costa Rica $12,000
  3. Panama $12,000
  4. Switzerland $42-48,000
  5. Poland ~$18,000
  6. Germany ~$30,00
  7. Sri Lanka $18,000 (guide coming soon)
  8. Sweden $12,000
  9. France $18,000
  10. Spain $27,000

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