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We’re Jen & Brett, and we created the Expatsi Test based on years of research into all of our questions about moving to a new country — the weather, cost of living, politics, quality of healthcare, and much more. We couldn’t find any one-stop sources to find these details when we looked into moving abroad, so we created Expatsi to help others who want to leave the U.S.

Expatsi’s mission is to help other U.S. citizens find their new home abroad. People leave the United States for any number of reasons. They want to escape the political divides or seek better healthcare options that won’t ruin them financially. Others seek a new home that’s safer for LGBTQ people or raising kids. They want to study abroad, immersing themselves in new cultures. Still more people seek to enjoy their golden years in a country where their retirement dollars go further.

We help them all through Expatsi. We use our data to create country guides for dozens of destinations. Our articles answer questions about best school choices , other expat creatorsend-of-life care, legalities, and much more. We fund Expatsi by offering expat consultations and affiliate partnerships to better serve our community. At the core of this mission is the piece that helps future expats find out where they should move to—the Expatsi Test.

The test is fun, free, and a great thought starter into what’s important to you in a new home. It especially helps you compare notes with the rest of your migrant party, which was one of our first steps in finding countries that fit both of our needs. We invite you to check out our country guides, read the blog, and find us on any of the social networks below. Let’s help you figure out how to move abroad!

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