The Expatsi Test

If you’re a US citizen thinking about moving to a new country, but you’re not sure where to start, the Expatsi Test will tell you the best countries for you!

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Why Expatsi?

If you’re like us, you’ve been dreaming of living abroad — maybe someplace better, maybe someplace cheaper, but definitely someplace different! Your reasons for leaving and your ideal destination are as unique as you are. However, with 194 other countries in the world, you could spend lots of time and money just deciding where to go. That’s why we created the Expatsi Test. We’ll recommend the top 10 best countries that match your needs for cost, weather, healthcare, rights & freedoms, infrastructure, safety, community, and more. Then, you can review our guide to find communities, meet expats like you, and start the next step of your search. Your exit strategy starts here!

New! Group Scouting Trip to Spain & Portugal

If you’re interested in moving to Spain or Portugal, join us in March to try out dozens of cities and neighborhoods and learn from local experts.

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Expat Healthcare Planner

Learn about healthcare options and estimate what your budget should be for our most popular countries.


Send your story here!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jen and Brett. Such an enlightening time that I had with you two. Keep up the good work and helping others is a beautiful thing, in my opinion.
Gloria S.
Ela R.
We are BIG fans of your TikTok page and appreciate your expertise and knowledge.
Pamela G.
I love the Facebook group and I love hanging out with y’all on TikTok :)
Stephanie S.
I’ve been researching leaving the US for a little over a year. When I found your TikTok channel and Lives, I was inspired to seriously research and pursue it. I now have a job in England and will be headed overseas in a couple of months!
Kristina E.

I saw your TikTok Live a few months ago & learned about the DAFT visa. I’m now scheduled to move to the Netherlands on January 17, 2024!

 I’m particularly impressed by your tone. It’s a fine line between being encouraging and hopeful without being over-the-top/unrealistically positive…and always come across as authentic, sincere and knowledgeable. I also love how inclusive and thoughtful you are, and how you’re not salesy and don’t dumb things down or treat your followers like children….I’m so happy to have discovered Expatsi!
Nadyne K.

I really appreciate how welcoming and inclusive you are on your TikTok Lives. I listened to you address colonization; requests from folks with a variety of interests (LGBTQ+, Evangelicals, retirees, married folks with pets); provide background on historical reasons how certain people cannot prove ethnicity thru DNA; and so much more. You give us real numbers and referrals.

You bring a level of knowledge and emotional intelligence that is refreshing

Conni E.

I’m excited to inform you both that I’ve decided to move to Guadalajara, Mexico in November 2023. I transferred my enrollment credits at International TEFL Academy from their Chicago headquarters to their Guadalajara campus and am seeking job placement there upon successful graduation in December.

Your weekly TiKTok LIVES inspired me to make a 180° change in the best way possible, & I sincerely thank you for it.
Rosalina D.
I greatly appreciate the information, which was extremely helpful. I would be very interested in the [Spain & Portugal] scouting trip and have requested to join the FB group. This would be a wonderful opportunity to get a chance for me to explore!
Jennifer W.
I am obsessed with what you have been doing. Absolutely incredible resources.
Joe P.
I want to thank you for posting on TikTok, where I initially found you, and then somehow I got on your mailing list! I’ve been considering moving out of country for a while, have a country in mind (Mexico) and have narrowed down (sort of) the area, though I might like to explore some more….I love your content, wanted to let you know and may arrange for a personal session if I need. Thanks for that option!
Denise I.
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