Living in Switzerland
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Why Switzerland?

Centrally located Switzerland has at least four distinct personalities — one for each official language it speaks: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Latin, Portuguese, and English also have their place. The stunning countryside, high quality of life, and top notch safety, healthcare, and infrastructure are big draws. People who don’t like living in Switzerland say it’s expensive, hard to make friends, and a bit boring and rigid. Folks who love it say, “More cheese & chocolate for us!” ????????

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Switzerland at a Glance

Top 10%

Ranks Highly For:
Raising Kids

Ranks Highly For:

Ranks Highly For:

Healthcare Ranking:
Top 10%

Infrastructure Ranking:
Top 10%

Government Style:
Full Democracy

Mostly Legal: Gay Marriage, Gambling, Guns, Pot, Abortion

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