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Why Spain?

Spain is incredibly popular with expats of all stripes, whether they’re studying abroad, retiring, or any of the life stages in between. They’re drawn to the cities, the beaches, the weather, the art and architecture, and the food — all at a decent cost of living — along with highly ranked safety, infrastructure, and healthcare. Spain welcomes retired Americans, and it’s easy to get around Europe once you’re there. Spanish people may speak Spanish, Catalan, or a number of other regional Romance languages or Spanish dialects, but more than a quarter speak English. Each region of the country has its own distinct personality, so enjoy exploring and discovering your favorites!

New! Group Scouting Trip to Spain & Portugal

If you’re interested in moving to Spain or Portugal, join us in March to try out dozens of cities and neighborhoods and learn from local experts.

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Moving to Spain Made Easy

We’ve partnered with the experts at Moving to Spain to offer consultations with expats, access to trusted immigration lawyers in Spain, cost-of-living guides, and more.

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Spain at a Glance

Top 50%

Ranks Highly For:

Ranks Highly For:

Ranks Highly For:

Healthcare Ranking:
Top 25%

Infrastructure Ranking:
Top 10%

Government Style:
Full Democracy

Mostly Legal: Gay Marriage, Gambling, Guns, Pot, Abortion

Should you move to Spain?

Take the Expatsi Test to find out if Spain is right for you!

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Learn about healthcare options and estimate what your budget should be for our most popular countries.

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