moving to romania for the culture
moving to romania for the architecture in bucharest
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Why Romania?

Seeking a 21st-century life in 19th-century dress? Consider Romania. This Balkan nation presents a robust public transport system in capital Bucharest, while cities like Cluj-Napoca and Brașov emphasize walkability for their residents. A low cost of living extends to the surrounding villages that combine Old World architecture with reliable high-speed internet. English is the main foreign language in schools, making small talk easier with the welcoming locals.

Although public healthcare options are available, you’ll probably want to pay out-of-pocket for private insurance. Digital nomads and retirees will find that American wages and pensions go far in Romania. Some corruption still persists in the system, as well. Lastly, long-term residency requires some work-arounds due to lack of retirement visa options. Romania beckons the expat who’s keen on classical townscapes and doesn’t want to give up top-tier healthcare, safety, and infrastructure.

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Romania at a Glance

Bottom 33%

Ranks Highly For:
Studying Abroad

Ranks Highly For:
Raising Kids

Ranks Highly For:

Healthcare Ranking:
Top 25%

Infrastructure Ranking:
Top 50%

Government Style:
Flawed Democracy

Mostly Legal:
Abortion, Gambling

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