moving to peru for the llamas
moving to peru for the art and culture
moving to peru for the surfing

Why Peru?

With so much more to offer than (admittedly wonderful) Machu Picchu, Peru’s stunning variety has welcomed expats for decades. The Andes mountains, sunny coastlines, and Amazon rainforest each offer their own reasons to find a new home here. Cities like Cusco and Arequipa offer walkability, while private medical networks keep quality healthcare accessible. Older immigrants find the easy retirement visa process appealing, qualifying for permanent residence after three years. While locals are welcoming, the easygoing culture demands patience for navigating daily tasks like shopping. Traffic and air pollution can be crushing, particularly in capital Lima. Pedestrians should exercise extreme caution when walking the streets, as drivers tend to be chaotic. Overall, its low cost of living, broad biodiversity, and easy retirement process make Peru a solid destination for enjoying those golden years.

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Peru at a Glance

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Raising Kids

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Bottom 50%

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Top 50%

Government Style:
Flawed Democracy

Mostly Legal:
Handguns, Pot

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