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Announcing Move Abroad May!

Move Abroad May is a month-long event dedicated to helping people make the life-changing decision of uprooting their lives and moving abroad. Whether you’re relocating for a job opportunity, seeking a better quality of life, or simply looking for adventure, we’ll have the tips and tools that can help you get there.

Join us nightly May 1-25 on TikTok live to talk about why now may be the best time to move abroad. We’ll look at current trends such as remote working opportunities, retirement goals for Gen X, and what some of the most popular destinations may be depending on your needs. If you’re a creator who live abroad or who provides services to expats, email to talk about joining as a featured guest!

As part of Move Abroad May, we’ll also provide resources tailored to each individual’s specific situation. We’ll discuss the different types of visas available, what documents and paperwork you need to prepare ahead of time, how to find reliable professionals that can provide support throughout the process, as well as other practical advice related to emigration.

We also offer an online immigration guide with step-by-step instructions that help simplify the often overwhelming task of moving abroad. This includes things like creating a budget for your move and tips on moving your life and healthcare, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting something important in all of the chaos.

If you’re considering a move abroad, join us during Move Abroad May for all of the tips and tools you need to make it happen! We look forward to helping you take your first steps towards a life of adventure and new opportunities.

  • TikTok lives every night, from May 1-25, at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. Come and ask questions about how to be an expat.
  • New TikTok and Instagram videos posted every day.
  • Five new countries added to our country guides.
  • Our new Expat Healthcare Planner that offers checklists, tips, and tools for finding doctors, clinics, and pharmacies, using public healthcare, and free instant quotes on international insurance.
  • Our new How to Move Abroad guide that offers a 6-step plan for moving abroad.

New! Expat Healthcare Planner

Learn about healthcare options and estimate what your budget should be for our most popular countries, with new ones added each week.

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