Why Lithuania?

From the country’s rich history and lush landscapes to its delicious cuisine, Lithuania has a ton to offer. Capital city Vilnius, known for its vibrant nightlife, eclectic restaurants, and Old Town architecture, is a popular expat destination. Kaunas is also a great choice for those looking to relocate here, as it has an excellent job market and offers plenty of activities. Membership in the Schengen zone makes this a great destination for retirees seeking adventure and a lower cost of living. Lithuanians are incredibly friendly and welcoming people, too; the country is known for its hospitable and warm culture. Learning the language can prove to be a hearty challenge, though, while its cold winters and wet summers can impact those prone to seasonal depression. Lower-than-U.S. wages may discourage skilled workers from moving here, and there’s no option for remote workers yet. Overall, Lithuania presents a home rich in history while accessible to the modern European infrastructure/culture.

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health insurance for expats

Lithuania at a Glance

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Studying Abroad

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Top 25%

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Top 25%

Government Style:
Flawed Democracy

Mostly Legal:
Abortion, Handguns

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health insurance for expats

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health insurance for expats
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