moving to japan for the sushi
moving to japan for the ramen
moving to japan for the culture

Why Japan?

For the ultimate in clean living, look to Japan as your expat destination. A culinary focus on fresh foods, combined with world-class public healthcare, gives this nation the highest life expectancy worldwide. A robust public transport network nearly eliminates the need for personal vehicles. Cherry blossom season draws millions to lush landscapes, while Tokyo’s neon-soaked skyline beckons digital nomads seeking the latest cultural trends. A constant demand for English teachers translates to ample opportunity for gaijin (foreigners). This outsider status never fully goes away in Japan’s insular culture, though it’s easier for younger folks to fit in. Heavy emphasis on work and productivity can impact time with family, and English usages drops off outside the major cities, but if immersion in a society rich in history and culinary delights is your plan, and you love a challenge, consider Japan for your new home.

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health insurance for expats

Should you move to Japan?

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health insurance for expats

Japan at a Glance

Top 33%

Safety Ranking:
Top 10%

Ranks Highly For:
Raising Kids

Ranks Highly For:
Studying Abroad

Healthcare Ranking:
Top 10%

Infrastructure Ranking:
Top 10%

Government Style:
Full Democracy

Mostly Legal:

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health insurance for expats

Online Guides

Our fave resources for making your move.

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International Living magazine has been helping their readers retire, move and invest overseas for over 40 years.

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Their Living in Japan Guide is an introduction to everything about the basics for moving to Japan: best places to live, cost of living, pros and cons, healthcare and insurance, and more.

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health insurance for expats

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