moving to ireland for the guinness
moving to ireland for the pubs

Why Ireland?

Known for its stunning landscapes and friendly faces, many expats look to Ireland as their new home. Sights like Giant’s Causeway and the Cliffs of Moher draw the adventurous. Dublin’s tech hub attracts digital nomads to its global companies, while the airport’s pre-clearance status allows US fliers to skip lengthy border control queues back home. Cork’s lively pub culture will have you asking your new mates “What’s the craic?” in no time. Immigrants who can claim citizenship by descent can even earn a tuition-free education here, which benefits the 1 in 10 Americans who claim Irish heritage. The cool, rainy weather creates seasonal depression for many here, making camaraderie even more vital for your health, though making new friends outside of school comes slowly. If you’re looking for lively culture with strong American ties, consider Ireland for your relocation destination. Sláinte!

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Ireland at a Glance

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Raising Kids

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Top 25%

Government Style:
Full Democracy

Mostly Legal: Gay Marriage, Handguns, Abortion

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