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Why Indonesia?

With over 17,000 islands, friendly locals and a tropical climate, Indonesia beckons expats to a new life on its shores. Endless coastlines offer surfing and scuba year-round, while Bali’s new digital nomad visa makes it easy for remote workers to earn a living from numerous co-working spaces. Former capital Jakarta presents range of experiences in its night life, street food, and cultural festivals. Numerous expat organizations provide community and support across the country, particularly in large cities like Bandung. Recent laws criminalizing premarital sex may discourage some from moving here, as Islamic conservatism intensifies. Petty theft and traffic plague the cities, requiring extra precautions for daily life. Finally, monsoons complicate sanitation issues, making stomach illness a common problem for the unwary. Overall, Indonesia’s best invitation extends to immigrants who are young, healthy, and discreet enough to overcome its systemic challenges.

health insurance for expats
health insurance for expats

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health insurance for expats
health insurance for expats

Indonesia at a Glance

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Raising Kids

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Studying Abroad

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Government Style:
Flawed Democracy

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health insurance for expats
health insurance for expats

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health insurance for expats
health insurance for expats

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health insurance for expats
health insurance for expats