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We’re Jen & Brett, and we created the Expatsi test based on years of research into all of our questions about moving to a new country — the weather, cost of living, politics, quality of healthcare, and much more. The test is fun, free, and a great thought starter into what’s important to you in a new home. It especially helps you compare notes with the rest of your migrant party, which was one of our first steps in finding countries that fit both of our needs. Still, it doesn’t ask whether you’d rather eat schnitzel or tacos or bulgogi, if you want to make friends or keep to yourself, or assess whether you’re qualified to move to the countries it recommends. It also doesn’t identify more nuanced cultural differences at the region or city level.

Our expat consultations are more of a deep dive into the best countries (and regions) for you based on your lifestyle preferences and what kinds of visas you qualify for. In each hour-long session, we’ll present answers to your questions about where to move and talk about next steps.

We also have a new option if you’d just like to chat, brainstorm, or pick our brains. This is a 30-minute consultation that doesn’t include advance research.

Our short brainstorm sessions are $59. NOTE: our hour-long consultations are currently unavailable.

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