moving to estonia for the street art
moving to estonia for the baltic sea
moving to estonia for the christmas markets

Why Estonia?

For the true digital nomad, you don’t want to sleep on tech-savvy Estonia. This Baltic nation endorses the Internet as a public service, which shines through in their online banking, government services, and visa programs. Digital nomad visas allow expats to live and work here for up to one year, while Estonia’s e-residency lets entrepreneurs register their businesses in-country while living outside of it. A low cost-of-living (25% below the US average) and broad English usage make for a welcoming home.

You’ll still the need the local language if you want to work in-country, as jobs require Estonian fluency. Residents suffer the same intense winters and brief summers of neighboring Sweden and Finland, and the low population density can mean slow travel between cities on narrow roads. While this cozy country may lack the name recognition of its neighbors, Estonia’s Web-forward ways make this a key destination for those in the IT sector.

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Estonia at a Glance

Top 50%

Ranks Highly For:
Raising Kids

Ranks Highly For:

Ranks Highly For:
Digital Nomads

Healthcare Ranking:
Top 25%

Infrastructure Ranking:
Top 25%

Government Style:
Flawed Democracy

Mostly Legal: Gay Marriage, Guns, Gambling, Pot, Abortion

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