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Why Ecuador?

If hot weather in other parts of Central and South America gives you pause, consider Ecuador, the “land of eternal spring.” The low cost of living in the Andean nation has Americans immigrating there in droves, especially to Quito, Cuenca, Guayaquil, and coastal towns. Ecuador is rated tops for women, LGBTQIA+, and retirees alike, and Ecuadorians definitely have no fears of fighting back against their flawed democracy with strikes and protests. Abortion, guns, and marijuana are all partially legal. The downsides for some expats are the over-abundance of stray street dogs, bugs, and bureaucracy, and the unreliability of health insurance and infrastructure. The upsides are stunning natural landscapes and biodiversity (including the Galapagos Islands!) and the warm and friendly Ecuadorian people.

Should you move to Ecuador?

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Ecuador at a Glance

Bottom 33%

Ranks Highly For:

Ranks Highly For:

Ranks Highly For:

Healthcare Ranking:
Bottom 50%

Infrastructure Ranking:
Top 50%

Government Style:
Flawed Democracy

Mostly Legal:
Gay Marriage, Handguns, Pot

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