Costa Rica

Costa Rica tree frog
Costa Rica
Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has a lot to offer expats and can be considered the best of all worlds — breathtaking nature, warm weather, high marks for safety and healthcare, and a full democracy that even the U.S. can’t boast — all at a lower cost of living. Costa Rica welcomes retirees and anyone wanting to find Pura Vida. That said, the cost of living is rising, especially in expat havens, and the weather can vary dramatically from coast to coast, so spend time in multiple locations in both rainy and dry seasons before you choose a permanent location.

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Costa Rica Cost of Living Guide 2023

From healthcare and transportation to utilities, read our cost of living guide for Costa Rica!

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Expat Healthcare Planner

Learn about healthcare options and estimate what your budget should be for our most popular countries.

Costa Rica at a Glance

Bottom 50%

Ranks Highly For:
Raising Kids

Ranks Highly For:

Ranks Highly For:

Healthcare Ranking:
Top 50%

Infrastructure Ranking:
Top 50%

Government Style:
Full Democracy

Mostly Legal:
Gay Marriage, Handguns, Pot

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Should you move to Costa Rica?

Take the Expatsi Test to find out if Costa Rica is right for you!

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