moving to belize for the history and culture
moving to belize for the beaches
moving to belize for the fresh fruits and vegetables

Why Belize?

Belize is a tropical gem on the Caribbean Sea where expats go to soak up the sun, find outdoor adventure, and buy low-cost homes in paradise. Unlike neighbors Mexico and Guatemala, many people in Belize speak English. With a population of only 400,000 and per capita GDP in the bottom 10% of nations, infrastructure is not Belize’s strong suit. Many choose to overlook such niceties to enjoy a simple, peaceful life. Belize does have a very high murder rate that primarily affects gang members in specific neighborhoods. Overall, Belize is an inviting, warm country that welcomes Americans with easy-to-acquire residency.

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Belize at a Glance

Top 50%

Safety Ranking:
Top 50%

Ranks Highly For:
Black Americans

Ranks Highly For:

Healthcare Ranking:
Top 50%

Infrastructure Ranking:
Bottom 50%

Government Style:

Mostly Legal:
Abortion, Handguns, Pot

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