About Brett Andrews

Brett Andrews is the co-founder of Expatsi, a company that helps expats discover how to leave the U.S. Brett and his partner Jen developed the Expatsi Test to recommend countries to move to, based on factors like budget, visa type, spoken languages, healthcare rankings, and more. In a former life, he worked as a software developer, IT support specialist, and college educator. When he's not working, Brett loves watching comic book movies and reading unusual books.

Best Places to Retire in the World: 15 Countries for American Retirees

While US citizens have traditionally lagged behind other countries [...]

By Brett Andrews|2023-11-16T16:41:11-06:00November 17th, 2023|Black Americans, LGBTQIA, Retirees, Visas, Residency, & Citizenship|

10 Best Cities for a Gay Male Expat

by Brett Andrews In addition to the Expatsi Test, one [...]

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