moving to australia for the great barrier reef
moving to australia for kangaroos koalas quokkas and wombats
moving to sydney australia

Why Australia?

Australia has been a welcoming retirement destination for decades. Expats come here from across the globe to enjoy the country’s high standard of living, robust healthcare system, and slower pace. Sydney’s iconic Opera House gets the most looks, but don’t sleep on Gold Coast’s surfing, Perth’s wildlife, or Adelaide’s wines. However, life in this big country comes with a high-priced housing market and feelings of isolation. The 15-hour flights to Los Angeles and flipped seasons (winter in July!) can feel like you’re living in another world entirely. Overall, the Land Down Under is a golden opportunity for digital nomads with the patience, adventurous spirit, and cash needed to make it happen.

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Australia at a Glance

Top 25%

Ranks Highly For:
Raising Kids

Ranks Highly For:

Ranks Highly For:
Studying Abroad

Healthcare Ranking:
Top 25%

Infrastructure Ranking:
Top 25%

Government Style:
Full Democracy

Mostly Legal: Gay Marriage, Gambling, Guns, Pot, Abortion

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