The Expatsi Test

If you’re a US citizen thinking about moving to a new country, but you’re not sure where to start, the Expatsi Test is for you!

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Why Expatsi?

If you’re like us, you’ve been dreaming of living abroad — maybe someplace better, maybe someplace cheaper, but definitely someplace different! Your reasons for leaving and your ideal destination are as unique as you are. However, with 194 other countries in the world, you could spend lots of time and money just deciding where to go. That’s why we created the Expatsi Test. We’ll recommend the top 10 countries that match your needs for cost, weather, healthcare, rights & freedoms, infrastructure, safety, community, and more. Then, you can review our guide to find communities, meet expats like you, and start the next step of your search. Your exit strategy starts here!

New! Group Scouting Trip to Spain & Portugal

If you’re interested in moving to Spain or Portugal, join us in March to try out dozens of cities and neighborhoods and learn from local experts.

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Learn about healthcare options and estimate what your budget should be for our most popular countries.


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We knew we wanted to raise our small children somewhere warm and sunny. The test recommended 10 countries, and we’ve planned a trip to visit two of them — Spain and Portugal. I subscribed to all the YouTube channels Expatsi recommended, and I can’t wait to move!

Erica from Minneapolis

We wanted to move somewhere where our retirement savings would stretch the furthest, but we didn’t want to sacrifice safety or quality of healthcare. We’ve been pleasantly surprised to learn more about Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Panama. Goes to show what we know!

Chuck & Sonja from North Carolina

I’ve been working remotely for the past two years, and I decided to get away from high rents in my city while taking time to learn about other cultures. I’m starting in Eastern Europe, moving to Southeast Asia, and then heading to North Africa for the full digital nomad experience.

Angie from California
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